Month: December 2015

Master Key Week 13

“‘Tis the season to be jolly…”

Also, often it’s the season to be stressed, sick, distracted, etc. I’ve been slacking off with the MKMMA stuff…I’ve missed a few readings here and there, a couple of sits…and been rather unfocused and distracted. I know it’s bad, so on the days when I’ve failed, I don’t go and read “The Gal in the Glass”. It was rather astonishing to hear on the last webinar that this is normal. What a rotten feeling to feel yourself slacking off. 😦

I guess it’s the old blueprint trying to come back?…but my new blueprint is still growing and kicking – it’s not going down! I’m just going to cling to my promises and stay steady from now on. After all, what else is there to do but persist?

But not everything is bad – it never is. I had a wonderfully Merry Christmas. And I’m really loving the success index cards. It’s almost a little heady to write down and read 60-something successes in my life!

I fell, but I’m picking myself back up, and I’m going to keep on running towards the bright future I’ve created.



Master Key Week 12 – I am…

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

The week we were supposed to start repeating that affirmation was the week I was sick. I said it in my head a few times and it made me feel better. I read the Master Key with the account of the man who kept up that affirmation and through it became a strong, healthy individual from a crippled child. So I understood the “whole” part as pertaining to health.

This week, however, I realised there could be a different meaning for “whole”. A synonym for “whole” is “complete”. Each one of us is made complete in ourselves.

I read an excellent blog post last week. One of the main insights that I got from it was that other people’s good opinions of you matter just as little as their bad opinions of you. It’s an opinion. Period. What matters is that you are good and that you know it and feel positive about yourself. Of course, good opinions are very nice to hear, and I’m not saying that they’re not beneficial…but we need to be secure in ourselves and not reliant upon those opinions.

Perhaps I was thinking about this point subconsciously enough so that I ended up having a week where I realised it more fully. We are complete in ourselves. Complete, not dependent upon the opinions of others. Perhaps…it is better to seek a peptide addiction to being satisfied with ourselves, rather than to compliments.

Food for thought.


Master Key Week 11 – Aha!

I had a marvelous insight in one of my piano practices this week. Guess what? I’ve been living out Scroll 3 for my entire piano career (11 years). How great is that?!

I persist until I succeed, with every single piece, no matter how long it takes. I know, at my level, that you can’t expect to play a song perfectly in a month. It takes time, constant practice, patient practice. It takes hard work, but it’s SO worth it. And really, it wouldn’t give me such a great feeling if I didn’t have months of hard work put into it…how much more for my very life?

I have an excellent unconscious attitude whenever I sit down to practice. Here are a few things that I found…

I always play my very best…unless of course I’m just doing something for fun. Otherwise, I can’t even think of not doing my best…it makes no sense. So, now I just need to apply that to the other 22 1/2 hours of my day.

I know beforehand that the song is going to take a lot of work. I know that it will be worth a lot of work. Quite often, I listen to a recording (ding ding ding) of the piece, so I know what it will eventually sound like. I take it in bite-sized pieces and don’t expect to achieve everything at once.

I persist until I succeed. When I feel like going to my room and crying because I’m so frustrated because my fingers are not doing what I want them to and I just can’t get it!…I calm myself (ok, I may bang on the piano a little in the process), then I slow way down and work out the problem until I get it right…even if in doing so I drive both myself and my family crazy.

I also hardly ever dwell on my frustrations or bad points, because I know it does no good. And if I’m nervous and I begin to think about disasters that could happen while I’m performing, I immediately imagine a good performance, or if I can’t, I think about something else positive. (Law of Substitution, anyone? I’ve known it for years in piano…)

You might say I have a mastermind every week – with my piano teacher 🙂

I also know that persistent, focused, and continuous practice is necessary if I’m to accomplish anything.

(I suppose all these things apply to school too, but…I love piano, and that’s where I thought of it.)

When I realised all these things and how they’ve made me wonderfully successful in piano…it was a huge “aha” moment. Huge. I’m so happy this week! I’m trusting more in the exercises we’re doing, and even stepping up my game a little. Yay!

Master Key Week 10 – Continuing

There’s not much to report on progress this week, as I was out for three days due to a horrible bout with a stomach bug. I remained more positive during the illness than I expected (possibly because I was half-dead hahaha), and I got some good imagining in as well.

I suppose it might be a good thing to say that the habits/promises are quite strong – even while I was sick I read my index cards a few times, and started the new scroll (it was exhausting to talk for an extended period of time to I didn’t read anything aloud), and even tried doing my sit lying down. It made my head hurt though lol!

But I don’t like to end on an “un-insightful” note ;), so I’m putting in a few songs that I think are wonderfully inspiring and that, when I heard them, reminded me of all the stuff we’ve been working on in the Master Key…but I’ll leave you to make your own links 🙂