Master Key – Week 17a

Blogs are awesome. Seriously. Writing is great, because your thoughts are recorded and you can go back and look at them (and other people’s thoughts too).

I read a blog some weeks ago by another MKMMA member (I can’t remember who right now). She recommended that we go back and reread our previous blog posts. I thought it was a great idea and never got around to it…until now.

I just reread all of my blog posts. Wow. I had some great insights…I feel like I’ve been losing some of my previous enthusiasm…slacking off…I don’t like it. But rereading my blog posts and looking at all the hope and joy and success – that’s going to keep me going.

I like rereading Emerson a lot. It’s also been cool to reread the Master Key lessons. They impact me in two different ways: 1) “Yup I understand that now.” 2) “HOW did I forget that?! *facepalm* bad me.” So – good both ways hahaha.

I’m still developing – falling and getting up – but still persisting. I like being nature’s greatest miracle πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Master Key – Week 17a

  1. I think we’ve all experienced the slacking to some degree. Good for you to recognize it. The fact that not only do you recognize it but you don’t like it shows growth and how much you’ve developed in the course. Be happy! You are nature’s greatest miracle.

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  2. We’ll be falling and getting back up for the rest of our lives. Just in different areas and at different times. But we have the keys to do so successfully. And re-reading where we’ve been is a great way to realize how far we’ve come on our journey, which should be very encouraging. And, yeah, the face palm for, “How did I forget that!” I know too well. Grin.

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  3. Yes I should reread my blogs and seem to be slowing down this week, so nice to know I am not the only one. Nice you can home school and work from home – that is the great benefit of MLM marketing. Wishing you and your family great health and wealth. Connie

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