Month: February 2016

Master Key Week 21 – Whoa, power!

At this point in time, I’ve been feeling rather…distracted – there’s so much going on in my life, in this last semester of high school. Auditions, scholarships, schoolwork, etc. My brain feels like it’s swimming around in a crazy sea quite often 😀

So it’s rather a fight to hang on to my MKMMA drills…but it’s ok – I just need to make sure to plan…”people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan”…yes that’s me sometimes!

But! The rather exciting thing that has been happening a little bit over the past couple of weeks (but I only noticed it this week) is I’m discovering the power of focus. Now, you can “focus” on something for half an hour and make some progress…but maybe you’re not completely focused. There’s still other “stuff” floating around in your mind, distracting you at least subconsciously.

Several times now when I’ve been feeling distracted and have started using the Law of Substitution (ok, why don’t I focus another problem – since I can actually do something about it – and try and find a solution), I focus for a minute or two on one particular problem/instance that I need to figure out. In that short space of time, I can be ENTIRELY focused, and the solution or insight comes very quickly and very clearly. I end up with the thoughts I need, plus a sense of amazement at my powerful brain 🙂 It’s really cool!


Master Key Week 20 – Knowing

I really like the Master Key lesson this week. The power of thought is so real…as it says in sentence 28, “Every time you think you start a train of causation which will create a condition in strict accordance with the quality of the thought which originated.”

That goes right along in line with “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford.

Everything depends on thoughts…for example, if something is impossible in your mind, will you even attempt it? No – you will put it out of your mind because it’s not relevant and you have a ton of other things to think about. The only way that science has progressed so far is because scientists have opened their minds to consider things that were previously thought impossible…for example, traveling in space.

I also love this sentence: We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are,” and so what we do will necessarily coincide with what we “are” and what we are depends upon what we “think.

Whatever we think about manifests itself, right? Think positively and we will be positive…think happy and we’ll be happy…and of course think negatively and we will be negative. The Law of Growth! 🙂

Because of all these things…dare to want. Dare to dream. Dare to think and ponder upon your wishes! Dare to believe that you can be what you will to be!

Master Key Week 19 – Observations

  1. Scroll V is great and I love it. But sometimes you have to balance planning for the future with living as if today is the last day of your life. You have to make good decisions for the future you, even if maybe you wouldn’t bother with them on the actual last day of your life. That’s probably the part that says that “The duties of today I shall fulfill today.”
  2. Keeping your future self and goals and DMP in mind help you to make wise decisions. Even if you’re not exactly sure what your future self would do, you know what would or would not benefit that future self.
  3. Self-centeredness can be beneficial…we can only control ourselves, after all.
  4. The “I” or mind is powerful – we must both be careful with it and make use of it. We were created with a mind, a soul, a body, and a heart. I’ll eliminate talking about the soul for now as I don’t really have much insight about that. But the mind and heart control the body, so let’s eliminate that as well. The mind and heart can be in tune sometimes, or out of tune, but as we often connect the heart with feelings – we know from all our study in MKMMA that thoughts produce feelings which produce beliefs (etc.)…thoughts come from the mind – therefore the mind controls the feelings and from that a good bit of the heart. Now, the thing that controls everything else must be our main focus – so use the mind wisely. Let the conscious be the “watchman at the gate” for the subconscious, and you will thus create the circumstances you want and manifest the life you want.


Master Keys Week 18 – Back in the game

I LOVE the new scroll!!! It’s so wonderful. Also, I’m back on track with my MKMMA duties/services/good stuff to do 🙂 So I’m feeling quite great.

I really appreciate Scroll V. Today is my last day, so I’m not going to waste it – quite the contrary: I’ll drink every minute to its full! I haven’t quite gotten the knack of savouring every moment yet, but it’s coming! I love applying this scroll – it’s so much fun, and also so motivating. It encourages me to make sure to make time for my MKMMA stuff and not slack off – that’s one reason why I’ve gotten back on track this week.

It also helps me to be more loving. Because really, if I’m not going to be around tomorrow, then the minor everyday irritations are really just that – minor! BUT – the little good things – like taking the time to listen, or to spend a moment with someone, or a random “I love you” – those add up…those make a difference. If we die tomorrow our families won’t really remember how we irritated them, but how we took that extra second or two to smile, or engage in conversation instead of being busy with something else.

On Tuesday evening at about 5:45, I finished school. It had been a long day (as normal for a Tuesday). I had another scholarship application to work on, but my brain was rather tired, so I decided to take a 10-15 minute break. Now, usually, I would listen to some music and let my brain relax that way…but, since it was my last day on earth, I decided to go play Lincoln Logs with my little sister. We had a great 10 minutes together building a nice little Lincoln Log house with a cute fence, and when we were finished we both thanked each other for playing with each other. I enjoyed playing with her (I love Lincoln Logs too), and I was happy to have spent those 10 minutes with her doing something together. (Afterwards, I listened to one song and then got to work 🙂 )

On another day, I was eating dinner with my dad and my sister. Often, when my dad doesn’t start a conversation and I’m really hungry, I just focus on eating and don’t really engage with him much. But…since it was my last day and all that, I initiated a conversation and kept it going. It was nothing really deep or important, but we got to talk a bit (and since I’ve been incredibly busy we haven’t had much quality time together recently), and it was nice.

So it’s been little things like those with my family, and of course being sure to take time for MKMMA stuff and not let it get pushed to the side with everything else I have going on…but also in my general attitude.

I was driving home on Wednesday and I was feeling somewhat down…slightly irritated…just not in the best mood. I was listening to the radio, but they weren’t playing many of the songs I like, and of course I didn’t want to take my attention off the road and switch the channels. So there was no music to get me feeling better 😦 “BUT,” I said to myself, “I’m supposed to be living as if this is my last day! – So why would I keep feeling down on my last day? Come on now!” Soooo…I had a GREAT idea. I turned the music all the way down…and began reciting my DMP. That. Was. So. Much. FUN! It’s pretty much memorized, but on the parts that I couldn’t remember the exact wording, I just improvised. And, after I finished, I just kept talking…I still had some driving left, so I figured I’d just keep talking about my wonderful life and how amazing and fulfilled I felt every day…etc etc etc. That was a lot of fun 😀 I was driving home today and I tried doing the same thing with my Blueprint Builder…but for some reason that didn’t work as well, so I just ended up repeating my one-sentence DMP a few times. Still great though – even more reason to enjoy my solo drives! 🙂

Also! – I thought that reading obituaries would be depressing, but it’s actually kind of inspiring to read about these people and all the work that they did. For some reason being a high school coach doesn’t sound like a huge deal when you’re alive…if I asked someone what they did and they said, “Oh, I coach the JV soccer team.” I’d say “Ok” and not think too much about it. But reading about it in an obituary? It’s more like…”Whoa…the JV soccer team – think how many young lives they impacted and how many kids they worked with and inspired and taught discipline and maybe gave a love of this awesome sport?” There’s a line of a song by The Band Perry that comes to mind: “…funny when you’re dead how people start listenin'”.

But here’s another song that is great too:

I thought that at first it might be kind of morbid…but living as if this is the last day of my life is actually a lot of fun! – it makes everything more significant. All the important things – the ones that we know are important but are easy to push to the side – are more precious…and then unimportant things – the little squabbles, the distractions, etc…it’s easier for them to fade away. Living as if you’re dying really puts things into perspective. I know I’m going to love this month with this scroll!