Master Key Week 19 – Observations

  1. Scroll V is great and I love it. But sometimes you have to balance planning for the future with living as if today is the last day of your life. You have to make good decisions for the future you, even if maybe you wouldn’t bother with them on the actual last day of your life. That’s probably the part that says that “The duties of today I shall fulfill today.”
  2. Keeping your future self and goals and DMP in mind help you to make wise decisions. Even if you’re not exactly sure what your future self would do, you know what would or would not benefit that future self.
  3. Self-centeredness can be beneficial…we can only control ourselves, after all.
  4. The “I” or mind is powerful – we must both be careful with it and make use of it. We were created with a mind, a soul, a body, and a heart. I’ll eliminate talking about the soul for now as I don’t really have much insight about that. But the mind and heart control the body, so let’s eliminate that as well. The mind and heart can be in tune sometimes, or out of tune, but as we often connect the heart with feelings – we know from all our study in MKMMA that thoughts produce feelings which produce beliefs (etc.)…thoughts come from the mind – therefore the mind controls the feelings and from that a good bit of the heart. Now, the thing that controls everything else must be our main focus – so use the mind wisely. Let the conscious be the “watchman at the gate” for the subconscious, and you will thus create the circumstances you want and manifest the life you want.



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