Master Key Week 21 – Whoa, power!

At this point in time, I’ve been feeling rather…distracted – there’s so much going on in my life, in this last semester of high school. Auditions, scholarships, schoolwork, etc. My brain feels like it’s swimming around in a crazy sea quite often 😀

So it’s rather a fight to hang on to my MKMMA drills…but it’s ok – I just need to make sure to plan…”people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan”…yes that’s me sometimes!

But! The rather exciting thing that has been happening a little bit over the past couple of weeks (but I only noticed it this week) is I’m discovering the power of focus. Now, you can “focus” on something for half an hour and make some progress…but maybe you’re not completely focused. There’s still other “stuff” floating around in your mind, distracting you at least subconsciously.

Several times now when I’ve been feeling distracted and have started using the Law of Substitution (ok, why don’t I focus another problem – since I can actually do something about it – and try and find a solution), I focus for a minute or two on one particular problem/instance that I need to figure out. In that short space of time, I can be ENTIRELY focused, and the solution or insight comes very quickly and very clearly. I end up with the thoughts I need, plus a sense of amazement at my powerful brain 🙂 It’s really cool!


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