Master Key Week 22a – Thoughts

This week has been rather lovely. It seems that all the “college stuff” is finally beginning to come together – nothing big has happened, and no scholarships yet, but just the process seems to be finally getting moving. Finally! I’m having some fun after all my (and my parents’) hard work πŸ˜€

I’ve been in a marvelous mood all week – I’m not super happy all the time; I do have some “down-ish” moments, but I’ve been…delighted…quite often this week. I’m not entirely sure why – perhaps it’s a mixture of spring and warmer weather and MKMMA stuff? – but I love it!

This week my attribute to focus on is “well-organized”. I think that other than the “kindness” week, this has been my best week for noticing the word. And! – this is also the week where I have been most successful in manifesting it in my life. I’ve been very organized this week! πŸ™‚ So after we get through our 13 weeks with these 13 words, I’m definitely going to start over and keep working through the Franklin exercise!

Something happened on Wednesday that seems, on the surface, rather small – so small that I wasn’t even sure whether I should bother to mention it – but enough to bug me into sharing it in this post. After dance class, I went to the coffee shop to get a snack. I had brought an apple with me, but since I needed to hit Staples before going home to dinner, I wanted to get something else to eat. I bought a bag of chips, and was eyeing the chocolate chip muffin under the counter. That muffin was looking absolutely delicious – but…I didn’t really need it (since I had the apple and the chips), and I also knew that I should conserve my money (especially since I had longer dance class in a couple of days and would probably be even hungrier after that one! πŸ˜€ ). So, I decided not to purchase the muffin at that time. Another thing that I had been eyeing for the past couple of weeks at that coffee shop was the cinnamon roll. Well, a few minutes after deciding against buying the muffin, the barista came over and asked me if I would like…a cinnamon roll! Nobody had bought it for the day, and she was going to throw it away, so she offered it to me – for free! So I was very happy that I hadn’t bought the chocolate chip muffin. Now, the question is, did I maybe have the idea of the cinnamon roll in my subconscious enough so that it tugged and attracted my desired result?…or, maybe, the barista is just really nice naturally. Or maybe both? – I don’t know. I wasn’t entirely sure whether to write about it – but then I remembered that, according to Einstein,

β€œThere are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

So I’m choosing to see this as a miracle. It certainly felt like one!

This week, after making my way through Emerson’s essay on Self Reliance, I began re-reading all the Master Key lessons, starting with Lesson 1 and working my way through. I’m not quite finished yet, but it’s been really interesting going back and reviewing. Some of it I remember, and some of it I’ve forgotten and then I think ooooh – good reminder; I needed that! And something that intrigues me has also been happening: when we were first reading these lessons, I highlighted the parts that I thought were most interesting or found most insightful. This week, reading some of those highlighted parts, I’ve thought to myself, Why did I highlight that? That’s pretty obvious…why didn’t I highlight this part? And I find some other sentence or phrase that I didn’t pick up on before, and the parts that I highlighted seem less amazing to me. I guess that shows that I’ve learned and internalized a great deal!

It’s also been nice creating my own topics for my sits this week. Practically every week, we’ve had an assigned focus from the Master Key lesson for our sits, so I haven’t really had a “free” sit. In one of my sits this week, I decided to trace my life from now until…well, as far as I could until the end of my 15 minutes. So I envisioned myself crying from joy from getting a full ride scholarship from my top university, going to that university, working in the summers, saving up money, studying in the school year, going from my dorm room to my classes and back (it helps that I’ve been on that campus a lot πŸ™‚ ), practicing piano in the practice rooms, etc…then starting my life after college graduation, teaching piano, getting my own car and apartment…gradual steps…at the end of my sit I was having a LOT of fun! Ohhhhmygosh my life is going to be SOOOO awesome!!!!!

Yet another wonderful thing that’s been going on this week is my gratitude cards. I had been doing them in the nights before I went to bed, but sometimes in the rush to get to sleep I’ve forgotten to do them, so to make up for not doing them on Sunday night I did them on Monday morning. I’ve continued doing them in the mornings throughout the week, and it’s been really nice to start off my day focusing on things/people that I’m thankful for. If for some reason I wake up in a less-than-optimal mood, I instantly get in a good mood after writing those cards. And two or three times this week I’ve actually done them in the morning and the night – because it’s felt like three things I’m grateful for just isn’t enough…or I had more than one positive experience that day that I want to record.

And last, but not least: although I’ll need to reread the essay on Self Reliance several times before I can fully grasp and remember Emerson’s points, I did see today, at the very end, this sentence that is absolutely splendid:

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”

Also today, in my French class we were assigned this memory verse to recite (in French, of course, but here it is in English):

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6

I think that Emerson and the Bible are saying very similar things here. If nothing can bring us peace but ourselves, surely that means that we must be content with whatever we have?…because it’s ourSELVES, not our THINGS (or circumstances) that truly matter? And if we can relate “the triumph of principles” and “godliness” to each other – that sort of lifestyle is the one that will bring us peace.

My French teacher asked the class for our ideas on why “godliness with contentment is great gain”. I’ll put here the answer I gave her: I think the “great gain” part comes from the fulfillment and happiness that comes from being content with the things you HAVE, and then also, by being godly, being content with who you ARE.

I know that for me, “the triumph of principles” is really good for times when I’ve had to make a difficult decision – a decision that I really don’t even want to make, or one that I would rather choose the “easier” way out…but when I make the decision based on morals/principles, even though I may not like that decision, I do have the internal satisfaction of knowing that I chose to do the right thing. (And sometimes that’s the only thing you can hang on to!)

To conclude, this week has been wonderful.


8 thoughts on “Master Key Week 22a – Thoughts

  1. It definitely sounds like a wonderful week! I loved your story of manifesting the cinnamon roll, and I also loved how you found a tie-in to the scripture and Emerson. Such wisdom for someone so young! No wonder you have such a following! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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