Master Key Week 23 – Onward and Upward

O readers, I have a confession to make. Over the past month, I have developed an addiction. Please, if you know of such a thing as a GICAA association, that’s where I belong. (GICAA, by the way, stands for Gratitude Index Card-Aholics Anonymous) 😀 I finally realised the depth of this addiction when I began to panic when I saw that I was getting low on index cards, and when I was overjoyed beyond belief when my dad bought some more. It’s serious. It’s a peptide addiction, people…of the best kind. LOL. Joking aside, I really am enjoying the gratitude cards. I think they’re one of my favourite things to do every day. I keep putting the “little” “everyday” blessings on there…like hot water, coloured pens, email, spring coming, family, teachers, students, honesty, love, index cards (yes I really did put down index cards hahaha)…but it’s the “little” “everyday” blessings that make me smile…and I think it’s wonderful to be grateful for our daily lives – it makes living in the present easier, rather than waiting for something BIG! to happen.

Also! This week, my Franklin trait to focus on has been “Pleasing Personality”. I put this down as my best trait of all of them…which was kind of ironic because earlier this week I was acting a bit grouchy. What was funny, though, was that when I was being grouchy, it was on the day when I’m at home all day, so when I caught myself…Hang on – I have to put in some dots today, and I won’t really be interacting with anybody other than my family…so I’d better shape up so I can make a dot for myself! That helped my attitude greatly 🙂

I liked that this week we kind of had two topics for our sit exercise: 1) concentrating on man being a spirit with a body; and 2) the soul of money is service. I haven’t had any insights to share on these two topics, but I think that just concentrating on them and keeping them in the back of my mind will be great – just for life in general.


6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 23 – Onward and Upward

  1. I love how you put the lessons into practice in your daily life, and enjoy them so much and so thoroughly! The gratitude cards are a real blessing and attitude changer – I totally agree!

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